History of HalSail

Spring 2014 Decision taken to implement the long-standing goal of making a web-based version of HAL's Race Results.
1 Nov 2014 Beta testing began for members of local clubs.
3 Mar 2015 Formal announcement of HalSail to those that use HAL's Race Results.
Apr, May 2015 Gradual introduction of new features, including:
  • uploading boats from Excel spreadsheet;
  • standard handicap dictionary for PY, NHC and Small Cat Schemes;
  • cross-tab display of boats and classes;
  • calculation of start times for pursuit races.
27 May 2015 Amended algorithm for NHC calculations, as per the latest advice from the RYA.
31 May 2015 Moved HalSail to a more powerful server to improve performance.
June and July 2015 Analysis of handicap performance introduced, uploading of PY results to the RYA database, new types of redress (RDG) as described here.
17 August 2015 Minor improvements and a bug fix
  • Added tooltip popovers to explain what each of the result status codes mean (DNF, OCS, etc.) when entering results.
  • Printed output set to default to landscape format. You can, of course, still use the browser's page format functions to change to portrait mode if needed.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the crosstab page showing when any sail number was blank.
25 September 2015 Improvements to ease the entry of results
  • When swapping classes in the public results, the first series shown is the one with the latest results.
  • If you are logged in at least as a Boat Administrator, you can add missing boats when entering results.
  • The work flow when entering results has been improved to need fewer mouse clicks. If you type the sail number into the search box until just one boat remains then press enter you go straight to the result dialog. If you press enter in the result dialog you save the result without clicking the button.
  • Notes are copied from the base series when making a tandem series.
14 October 2015 Minor improvements
  • Non-excludable races in series scores and races with different weights, such as double weight for medal races.
  • Produce a list trophy winners.
  • Other points systems than the standard RRS low points. Specifically the old bonus point system and P75, which is as LP but 0.75 for first rather than 1 point.
26 October 2015 Start sequence, RORC points system and improved calendar page
  • Show the start sequence on a particular day. Produce a list of times when particular flags have to be raised or lowered, with a picture of the flag. Show what sound signals to make.
  • Added the Cox-Sprague high points system used by RORC.
  • Improvements to the Schedule / Calendar page to allow a new race to be inserted on any date and races to be duplicated by holding down the alt button while dragging them.
1 January 2016 Real-time results input from smart phones and archive to Club Results Service
  • New version of the input results screen optimised for the small screens found on phones. Click the "Now" button against a sail number as the boat crosses the finish line to insert its time automatically.
  • Upload your results to Hal's Club Results Service so that they remain available on the web even when you have delted them from HalSail.
3 February 2016 Better control of tandem series and ability to delete all data.
  • Ability to delete races from a tandem series, without affecting the underlying base series.
  • Ability to add new races to an existing tandem series when the underlying base series is extended.
  • Ability to delete all the data (boats, classes, races, etc) to leave an empty account. This is aimed at one of two scenarios: either you have been playing with demo data and want to delete it so that you can start afresh with your own data, or you have a lot of data from previous years and want a complete clean out. HalSail will send you a unique deletion password by email to verify your request before actually deleting any data.
14 March 2016 Pages designed for a large screen display, minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Show results for most recent day of races in sequence on a large screen. Each set of results is shown for a few seconds, followed by the next in a repeating slide show.
6 April 2016 Input elapsed times and new round sheet page.
  • Allow users to choose to input stopwatch (elapsed) times rather than clock times in handicap results.
  • New customised round sheet you can print with the sail numbers of all the boats in a particular race. A race officer can use it to enter all the details needed about a race including wind conditions, starters, OCS, DNF, etc., rounding times, protest flags and finish times. Go to Enter Results / Choose Races, choose a set of races and click the Round Sheet button.
  • Race officers can edit race notes and change between clock and stopwatch times.
  • Fixed bug when storing realigned handicaps in NHC racing.
6 April 2016 Input elapsed times and new round sheet page.
  • Allow users to choose to input stopwatch (elapsed) times rather than clock times in handicap results.
  • New customised round sheet you can print with the sail numbers of all the boats in a particular race. A race officer can use it to enter all the details needed about a race including wind conditions, starters, OCS, DNF, etc., rounding times, protest flags and finish times. Go to Enter Results / Choose Races, choose a set of races and click the Round Sheet button.
  • Race officers can edit race notes and change between clock and stopwatch times.
  • Fixed bug when storing realigned handicaps in NHC racing.
2 May 2016 Improved Twitter access.
  • For some time HalSail users have been able to tweet results on the @HalsRaceResults handle. Now you can duplicate the tweet on your own handle if you put your credentials into your account details page (Admin / Club and user details). Note that you will need four long passwords from Twitter: your AccessToken, AccessTokenSecret, ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecret. All these are available from the development portal of Twitter. Sign in with your Twitter login and password.
9 June 2016 Better display of results and improved round sheets.
  • New page to display all your latest results in a sequence. Accessible from the Results menu, it shows all the results from your last day of racing. Each race is shown for 20 seconds, followed by the overall series results for that race if there are any. The cycle repeats endlessly.
  • When displaying results on a large screen, in the bar for instance, there may be too many boats to show all at once. The screen will now scroll down slowly to the bottom then revert to the top and begin to scroll down again.
  • New customised round sheets were introduced on 6 April. They have now been further improved by annotating the tick-off boxes for boats seen before the start with an indication of whether each boat has taken part in the series previously. This is useful in club racing when there may be many boats registered in the class, but only a small proportion of them will take part in any particular series. The boats that have taken part previously are more likely to appear again.
14 July 2016 Show results on a large screen and show any sequence of web pages.
  • Improved presentation and navigation of the Edit Boats and Edit Series screens. Now can move from one boat to the one with the next higher or lower sail number by clicking an arrow, rather than returning to the boat list and selecting another boat. Likewise you can navigate from one series to the one with the next or previous start date.
  • Show any sequence of any web pages. Some can be HalSail results and some other things, such as weather, social programme, photo show, etc.
  • Show the results of a series on a large screen in such a way that they scroll down if they do not all fit on at once.
26 July 2016 Improved ways to edit boats and series.
  • When editing a boat's details you can now move directly to the boat with the next higher or lower sail number.
  • You can now copy a series a new series with the start of each race being any number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months before or after the races in the curent series. The new series can be for the same class as the current series, or it can be for another class.
  • When a series is open for editing, you can move directly to the series whose first race starts next, or the one whose first race started previously. You can also move to the next, or previous, series for the same class.
17 October 2016 Improved ways to edit races and results and automatic time-out.
  • If a result has a note attached to it, such as "disputed finish time", a is appended to the sail number in the results. Mouse over the to see the note.
  • There is a new button in the grey caption area of each race when logged in as a race officer and viewing the results of a series, provided the race is not validated. This launches a popup window to edit the start time, race status or notes.
  • Better sorting of boats in class lists and round sheets when the sail numbers are entirely alphabetical containing no numbers.
  • Ability to edit the start sequence of each race on the Edit Series page. This reflects into the starting sequence page for race officers.
  • Users are logged off automatically if their is no activity on their browser for half an hour.
20 February 2017
  • Made fully compatible with Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020.
  • Updated to include the UFD penalty for being on the course side of the starting line after flag Uniform has been displayed.
  • Allow public access to results to be embargoed, while keeping access for users who are logged in. This can be used to avoid the public seeing results that are not yet complete, or results that have not yet been scrutinised.
  • ORC triple number scoring with different handicaps for low, medium and high wind strengths.
  • Allow races whose weight is 100% or less to be excluded (discarded). Races with weight over 100% can still not be excluded.
  • Allow race officers to choose which features to show (Sail number, boat name, helm, etc.) in the list of boats when entering results.
  • Alternative names at the class level for the different types of handicap, e.g. the RYA_PY handicap for a class could be relabelled Club Handicaps.
  • Result status codes DPI and FNE added. A boat with status DPI counts as a finisher and is allocated a number of points that you specify, irrespective of its placing. A boat with status FNE does not count as a finisher and is allocated a number of points that you specify which it is not allowed to discard.
  • Time penalty status codes added. These only apply to handicap results. A boat with status PTA is given a fixed time penalty of a number of seconds you allocate. A boat with status PTP is given a percentage time penalty which you allocate.
  • The way of updating handicaps to new standards has been streamlined. Applies to those types of handicap for which there are standards for various types of boat, currently RYA Portsmouth Yardstick and Small Catamaran Scheme.
  • Full sail numbers, including any country codes or other letters, always shown. The switch to show only numbers has been removed.
6 March 2017
  • 2017 RYA Portsmouth numbers and Small Cat Scheme handicaps incorporated.
12 April 2017
  • Allow race officers to add boats provisionally that are not in the Boat Register. Any user who is a Boat Admin, Sailing Secretary or Club Admin can confirm later.
  • Alter behaviour of the series switch Include DNC. Up to now setting this switch forced all boats in a class to show results in a series, even if they had not taken part (all results DNC). It also counted all results when scoring, even if the scoring for DNC was set to boats in series. Now setting the series switch Include DNC still shows all boats in results, but it does not necessarily include them in scoring.
  • Explanation of result status codes (RET, OCS, etc) given as the result is input.
20 April 2017
  • Improve response times when inputing results in real time on a phone, or editing results on a phone.
  • Improved warning when you delete a boat, particularly when it has results which will thereby be deleted too.
  • Improved warning when you delete a series, particularly when it has results which will thereby be deleted too.
12 May 2017
  • Reinstate the Next Hcap column in the public results of a NHC race.
  • Laps column added to the public result pages for average lap races.
  • In public results, show what happened to races that have not been run yet, or were abandoned or cancelled.
30 May 2017
  • Improved responsivness for real-time input of results on a phone.
  • Added a publicly accessible page giving the entries for a particular series, ie the list of boats in the class.
  • Added a publicly accessible page giving the schedule of races in a particular series.
  • Altered max width of screen to count as a small device. An iPad 2 in portrait mode (768 pixels wide) now counts as small.
  • Warning now given when you attempt to remove a boat from a class and that boat has results in that class.
11 July 2017
  • Any notes that have been entered are shown on series, race and individual result screens and printouts
  • More facilities added to use selection flags, as allocated to each boat in the Boat Register. Selection flags might be used for such purposes as:
    • G: Gold fleet member
    • S: Silver fleet member
    • L: Helmed by a lady
    You can filter boats in results and entry lists by selection flag. The meaning of each single-character flag can be allocated using a tool in the Boat Register.
  • Algorithm for NHC corrected so that no changes are made to handicaps and no realignment is done when there are fewer than 3 finishers in a race.
19 July 2017
  • Facility added to "Use this guest helm or crew name in the overall results".
25 July 2017
  • In order to avoid confusion between class flags and selection flags, names of the embellishment parameters for public results changed to: HideDropDowns (vice HideSelectors), Selector=X (vice Flag=X).
29 August 2017
  • Bug cured when uploading results to the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick database. Previously erroneous uploads were generated if your results included non finishing boats with status RDG.
  • The series ID is updated in the browser address bar when you use the drop-down lists in public results to change class or series.
23 October 2017
  • Several improvements to the CrossTab report, including:
    • the ability to edit and delete classes and boats directly from that page
    • more conspicuous warnings about any loss of results if you remove a boat from a class, or delete a boat.
    • inclusion of a selectors column
    • the immediate addition of the standard handicap when adding a boat to a class, without going to the edit popup
    • the CrossTab report is now paged, so that you can see the header and footer rows more easily
  • Improvements to the way the details of races are edited, either from the Calendar page or the Edit Series page.
  • Bug cured where HalSail failed to keep up with a change to RRS. RRS 2017-2020 para 44.3(c) changed the way points are calculated for yellow flag penalties (SCP). The penalty now relates to the points for DNF, rather than the number of entries.
4 December 2017
  • Improved security of your data by requiring encrypted communication (https in the URL).
18 December 2017
  • New public link you can publish on your web site or in emails to show a calendar of all your races. You can click any race that has been run to show its results.
3 January 2018
  • ECHO handicaps updated automatically after each race using the "blend" of old and new handicap specified for the particular series.
  • The user who input or edited each result is recorded, so that when you edit a result you can see who last updated it.
  • POST js reload bug cured when inputting RO name and weather and on adding a boat to a set of results.
  • New series in Schedule menu changed to a popup modal to choose the class, rather than a full page.
15 January 2018
  • Australian Sailing Yardsticks (ex VYC) standard handicaps incorporated.
6 February 2018
  • Better means of changing race start times and editing finish times on a phone.
15 March 2018
  • Portsmouth Yardstick numbers from the RYA changed to those for 2018.
  • Small Cat numbers from SCHRS changed to those for 2018.
  • Better display of corrected time on results viewed on a phone when ALR is not in use.
  • Bug fix when altering the start time on the first race of a new series.
3 April 2018
  • Events added
  • Several improvements to the way handicaps are edited in the CrossTab table.
16 May 2018
  • Bug affecting handicap analysis of tandem series corrected.
25 June 2018
  • Bug affecting download of .hrrx file that includes events corrected.
  • Default email switched to HalSailDotCom@Gmail.com with Oauth2 integration to the Google API
  • Individual races can be given names, in addition to being Race 1, Race 2 and so on in the series. See this FAQ: How do I edit the features of an individual race?.
4 July 2018
  • Improvements to way results are displayed on tablets and phones.